AquaXplorer Live is a service provided by Puratek. To visit our main web site click here

AquaXplorer Live is a web site that allows Puratek customers to connect directly to their Insight 24/7and monitor and manage their aquariums remotely. The free subscription with AquaXplorer Live allows you to setup up to five aquariums and ten AquaCams (Puratek IP cameras) per aquarium. There is no limitation on how many Insight 24/7’s you can setup.

AquaXplorer Live Features:

  • Puratek will maintain and ensure the server is running the latest version of software. This way all users are always using the same and latest version. This helps in a number of different areas but most importantly customer satisfaction and support are among the top.
  • Computer resources and power available from the Puratek data center servers is abundant and permit feature rich functions to be developed and deployed. Our servers are not limited by embedded resources that can severely cripple the functionality.
  • Multiple web pages are deployed to support the growing onset of mobile devices. No need for special iPhone, Ipad or Android apps. When you connect to this service, it knows what is connecting and will serve the appropriate page for your device.
  • All your data is safely backed up and can be restored in the event of a corruption.
  • Create a network of friends and their aquariums.
  • Invite guest to see your aquarium and if you want , let them have access to your gallery, live video, real-time readings, your historical data and more or give them complete control – your choice.
  • Best of all–It’s Free!

To get started or to demo AquaXplorer Web, just click Connect To My Aquarium.