AquaXplorer Live

What is AquaXplorer Live?

AquaXplorer Live is a hosted service that allows connection directly to your aquarium when monitored with a Puratek Insight 24/7 Aquarium Monitor/Controllers. Managing and setting up your Insight 24/7 is simple and clear with AquaXplorer Live and comes with a free subscription with every Insight 24/7 purchased. Easily access all the functions of your Insight 24/7 from any Internet browser or mobile device. Monitor your data with easy to read graphics and see complete system status at a glance. Build a network of friends and share your aquarium data and photo gallery or allow access to your Aquacams for live video streaming.

With AquaXplorer Live you never have to worry about running out of memory for data storage as all your data is automatically transferred periodically and will be safely archived in a database on our servers. This permits years of storage and faster analysis when creating trend graphs or evaluating Event and Device Status.


  • Easy navigation to multiple aquariums or Insight 24/7 Monitor/Controllers
  • Database storage for all measurement and configuration data
  • Easily view parameters and Event Status Real-time
  • Perform trend graphs for all collected data
  • Connect and configure Aquacams and view real-time images of your system
  • Manually control devices like lighting, pumps, feeders, etc.
  • Build a network of new friends with the same interest by sharing your aquariums

Traditional aquarium controllers in the market today boast about their embedded web servers that enable their product to be web enabled. With that architecture, the technology is limited to the resources or capabilities of the hardware it is developed on. In all cases for the aquarium industry, this severely limits the capabilities of a feature rich web server.

So why use AquaXplorer Live that Puratek offers free to all of its Insight 24/7 customers?

  • Users will never need to upgrade firmware versions on their embedded web servers again. Puratek will maintain and ensure that the server is running the latest version of software. This way all users are always using the same and latest version. This helps in a number of different areas but most importantly customer satisfaction and support are among the top.
  • Computer resources and power available from the Puratek data center servers is abundant and permit feature rich functions to be developed and deployed. Our servers are not limited by embedded resources that can severely cripple the functionality.
  • Multiple web pages are deployed to support the growing onset of mobile devices. No need for special iPhone, Ipad or Android apps. When you connect to this service, it knows what device is connecting and will serve the appropriate page for your device.
  • All your data is safely backed up and can be restored in the event of a corruption.

To get started or to demo AquaXplorer Web, just click Connect To My Aquarium.